Weirdest Toilets Ever Made!

Here’s a collection of the some of the weirdest toilets in the world, featuring both strange urinals and hilarious toilet boals. Using public bathrooms is already slightly uncomfortable, but these toilets take that feeling to the next level. Would you want to do your business in a toilet made of ice? How about pee into a urinal shaped like lips? All of the toilets on this list are fascinating in their own right, and most were certainly built as novelties.
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#1 Shark Urinal

Shark Urinal

On the subject of scary but unique urinals, we give you the Shark urinal from the tourist pirate ship in sunny Puerto Vallarta!

#2 Venus Fly Trap Urinal

Venus Fly Trap Urinal

One more for the scary urinal files, behold the Venus Fly Trap urinal! This fully-functional beauty was crafted by San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen. With its sharps spikes and an asking price of $11,500, we sincerely hope this urinal is only used for decoration.

#3 Planter Urinal

Planter Urinal

Another combination of nature and urinal, this photograph, titled “pisspots”, was taken by Alana Mandel at a university in Austin, Texas. Apparently this bathroom was converted from boy’s to girl’s, so instead of costly renovations, they turned the urinals into planters. Brilliant!

#4 Kisses urinal

Kisses urinal

The Kisses urinal is a unique piece of art for a friendly price. Kisses will spice up the toilet in your club, bar, restaurant, hotel and/or home. This lips urinal was designed in 2000 by Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel and has become famous around the world. It was also featured on CNN, in the movie Rock of Ages (starring Tom Cruise) and in Storage Wars. When you install the Kisses urinal you will be sure to have a much talked about restroom!

#5 Guitar Urinal

Guitar Urinal

This electric guitar urinal, commissioned by Billboard Music Brasil, is hard to top. The pressure-sensitive strings play music while you go, and you can even download an “M-Pee-3” of your urinal masterpiece online afterwards.

#6 Guillotine Urinal

Guillotine Urinal

Here’s a urinal that will make you think twice before stepping up to it, let alone flushing. This foreboding guillotine urinal is located in Rheinfels Castle, Germany. As if you weren’t vulnerable enough in public restrooms.
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