Wild Dog Dᴇfᴇɑтѕ Giant Buffalo

Wild dogs are known as one of the animal kingdom’s most successful hunters, almost 80% success rate. This post shows you exactly why!

The wild dogs attack from all angles confusing the lioness

More than 15 wild dogs take down an adult buffalo

This is the moment a pack of wild dogs separate a buffalo with a large hernia and go right up to it and pop it open! A buffalo with a large hernia was separated from the herd and was no match for a pack of hungry wild dogs.

What causes a hernia in a buffalo?

This is the protrusion of abdominal contents (mesentery or intestinal tract) through a defect in the abdominal wall, the skin remaining intact.
Size of the lesion depends on the extent of the defect and the amount of intestine or other content involved. Hernias may be congenital (umbilical hernias) or acquired such as traumatic, inguinal and scrotal hernias, and rupture of the pre-pubic tendon.

More than 15 wild dogs take down an adult buffalo

This gory sighting was captured by 42-year-old, Wildlife Safari Guide, Sebastian Sande Sakala, while on a game drive with guests in the Lower Zambezi National Park.
They had gone out on a game drive and were tracking wild dogs for over an hour when they finally saw 2 dogs stand up. They were both looking in the same direction and they knew they had their eyes locked on their next meal.

The wild dogs are looking towards the buffalo

The wild dogs chased the herd and started attacking the buffalo until they brought it down. They went back to the den that evening to rest and care for the young and were back in the morning to finish off their hard-earned kill.

The wild dogs attack the buffalo

The wild dogs were joined by vultures and hyenas and by the afternoon there was nothing left of the kill.

They must have been so excited to see a kill and it was one of the most memorable sightings. Don’t forget that they are in their natural environment, and it is important to give the animals space when they are hunting.

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