6 Year Old Girl Body Old Woman

Adalia weighs only about 7kg, about the same weight as her brother Marcelo. I am bald and other friends often mistake me for a boy. Adalia Rose Williams suffers from a rare condition called progeria (a genetic disorder). The life expectancy of people with progeria is 13 years.

Adalia Rose Williams

She comes from Round Rock, about 40km north of Austin, Texas, USA. Adelia also needs help going up the stairs and doesn’t go to school because she needs constant care.

Many people find Adalia strange but her parents say they have never seen such an angel. They set up a fan page about their daughter, updated their daughter’s daily life on the fanpage and received a lot of positive words of encouragement. Adali Rose’s fanpage now has nearly 6 million followers. Adalia is famous as a girl who loves life, sings, loves to dance and wear skirts.
Adalia Rose Williams’ everyday moments:

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