Amber Heard makes her first public appearance to promote her new film, in which she ironically plays a psychiatrist: “Where are all the fans?

After teasing a probable retirement and relocating to Spain, Amber Heard is back. The last few years especially 2022, have been very pretty heavy for the actress due to ‘THE’ defamation trial. Thus, just after mere weeks after confirming that she will be returning to the acting shindig, the actress made her first public appearance at the 69th edition of the Taormina Film Festival in the Sicilian city’s Teatro Antico amphitheater on Saturday.

The premier of In The Fire marks the return of the actress to the industry as well as the red carpet after losing the defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp and being ordered to pay $1M as a settlement. In this new venture, the actress takes on a role of a psychiatrist, while people on the internet point out the significant lack of crowd around her.

Amber Heard returns one year after losing the defamation trail

Amber Heard makes first public appearance since Depp  trial
On Saturday at the 69th Taormina Film Festival in Italy, Amber Heard attended the premiere of her latest film In The Fire, which was her first official appearance in public since closing. ends the defamation trial she brought against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. To mark the special occasion, she decided to wear a long black polka dot cape dress paired with platform sandals, loose curls and her signature red lipstick.

Amber Heard in Taormina Film Festival

Although the atmosphere at the festival was cheerful, that was not at all the case on the internet and people were quick to point out the lack of admirers at such a momentous event around her.

Although there is no doubt about how ‘excited’ the people are to see the Aquaman actress return to the big screen, the actress herself on the contrary is very hopeful about the project. After the jury of the defamation trial back in June 2022 sided with the Pirates Caribbean star, Heard of completely herself flashes from the public light and relocated to Spain with her live life away from the camera. But turns out, she had a change of mind.

Amber Heard in Her New Film, In the Fire
According to the press release, the supernatural thriller, In the Fire, stars Amber Heard as a “pioneering psychiatrist” set in 1899, who is determined to treat a desperate child even though psychiatry is not yet a widely accepted science. Following, the red carpet event, the actress also spoke with PEOPLE and explained what to expect from the film and what compelled her into doing it. She said,

Amber Heard in her new movie In the Fire

As the woman endeavors to analyze the psyche of the child, the sinister occurrences become ever more intense and her ‘treatment’ turns into a battle to defend the small boy from the rage of his companions, and perhaps, even from himself. Thus, although the subject is compelling people are afraid, it will get overshadowed by the internet hate campaigns against Amber Heard.

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