Couple Of Boys Conjoined Together Successfully Operated

The pair of conjoined boys named Abdullah and Abdulrahman hail from the Republic of Yemen. Both were taken to a famous hospital in Saudi Arabia for separation surgery.

Couple of boys conjoined before surgery

Initially, the surgeons said that the couple joined many organs, including the intestines and pelvis. The medical team here thinks the baby’s chance of survival after separation surgery is 60% – 70%.

The doctors are taking care of the babies and completing the work before the separation surgery

However, after the successful surgery, the conjoined boys are expected to make a full recovery and good health in the near future.
This is the 35th pair of boys to be surgically separated in Saudi Arabia ever. Saudi Arabia has a team of top surgeons in separating conjoined twins – with 30 successful cases in the past two decades.

Picture of two brothers Abdullah and Abdulrahman after being separated

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