Curiosity Grows Among Zoo Visitors Due to Overweight Monkey

Eating too much, eating uncontrollably, everyone eats clean… maybe that’s why this monkey couldn’t climb the tree and was taken to a weight loss camp, before being released back to live with his fellow humans.

Obese Thai monkey who got big on tourists’ junk food placed on strict diet

Fat monkey

A long-tailed monkey nicknamed “Fat Uncle” living at a floating market in Bangkok, Thailand is becoming the focus of attention of tourists and locals here. It is known that this fat monkey is given a rather special name, “fat uncle”, which can actually be called “pig monkey”. Just by looking at its fat belly, one can understand why it has these nicknames. Fat eats all the food and soft drinks that tourists give them, including watermelon, milk, sweet corn, and instant noodles.
The monkey is very bold and does not criticize anything. With his dizzying “speed” of eating, the “fat uncle” weighs 27.27 kg – 3 times the average weight of a normal monkey. and had a big, heavy belly that was hard to move.

Help measures

Authorities received complaints from locals this week about the animal’s appearance. They took it to a wildlife sanctuary to lose weight before releasing it to live with its kind. Here, the “fat uncle” is checked for health. According to the test results, the “fat uncle” is completely normal and just needs to control his weight and diet to return to his old state.
Mr. Kawinoat MongKholtechaphat said: “The monkey is obese because he eats all the food brought by tourists. It is not sick and just needs to be on a diet. Its hobby is eating and tourists pampering too much.”
Currently, the daily diet of the “fat uncle” is controlled, reduced to 0.4kg/day and can only eat 2 meals. The food in this monkey’s meal will mainly include fruits and vegetables, no fat and limited protein.
At the same time, you have to exercise as much as other monkeys to lose weight. “We also have some other obese monkeys. The reason is that they are old, so they are afraid to exercise and just want to sit and eat all day,” Mr. Kawinoat continued.
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