Man Walking His Dog Returns Home Unrecognizable to His Wife, Netizens Share Bittersweet Laughter Over Dog’s Owners

Those of you who have owned pets surely know that in addition to our daily lives, pets just like us humans need to go to the doctor regularly, especially pets, most of us have to go to the doctor a few times. once a day, even every day.
When owners walk their dogs, in addition to carrying a dog leash, they must also pay attention to their own safety. Sometimes during a walk, pet dogs will encounter rebellious emotions, which if not prevented can cause “disaster” on a large scale.
A man in China had an unexpected and comical encounter when he returned home after walking his dog. His wife, who was watching a TV show and did not notice his arrival, mistook him for a stranger and called the police to report a burglar.
The incident, which happened in the city of Chongqing on July 13th, 2021, quickly went viral on social media and sparked a wave of amused reactions from netizens who sympathized with the owners of the dog.
According to local media reports, the man, identified only by his surname Wang, had gone out for a walk with his golden retriever, as he often did in the evening. After about an hour, he returned to his apartment building and entered the elevator to go up to his floor. However, he had taken off his mask and hat, which he had worn for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic, and his hair was disheveled due to the humidity and sweat.
When he arrived at his door, he used his key to unlock it and stepped inside, expecting to be greeted by his wife. To his surprise, his wife, who was sitting on the couch facing away from him, did not respond or turn around. Instead, she shouted in Mandarin, “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?”
Wang, who was momentarily confused and alarmed, tried to explain that he was her husband and had just come back from walking their dog. However, his wife, who was engrossed in a TV drama and did not recognize his voice or appearance, continued to scream and threaten him.
Wang then realized that he needed to prove his identity before things got out of hand. He picked up his dog, which had been wagging its tail and looking at him with affection, and showed it to his wife through the living room window. “Look, this is our dog. Do you remember him?” he said.
This Chinese guy has up to 3 big mastiffs, the strength of these dogs cannot be underestimated. Although the mastiff was very strong in the past, but now it is mainly trained as a house pet, so the loyalty of this dog is very high.
Because he knows his dogs, especially this mastiff, he often walks them one by one. But in one lazy time, he made a very bold decision, which was to let all 3 dogs go for a walk together.
But after returning, his wife had to exclaim: ”Where did this work of art come from?”
His wife turned around and saw the dog, which she recognized immediately. She then looked closer at Wang’s face and clothes, and finally realized that he was indeed her husband. She apologized profusely and explained that she had been so absorbed in the TV show that she had not heard him coming or seen him clearly.
It turned out that three dogs that went out for a walk had ended up in a mud pit near the house, three dogs had rushed into the hole.
If normally there was only one dog, the owner was able to hug the dog and not fall into the mud pit, but this time it was different, the pulling power of the 3 dogs was too great, they pulled the guy down the cliff.
After struggling with 3 pet dogs for a while, he finally brought 3 dogs home, but the appearance of both the owner and the pet surprised everyone. Because, when I take dogs for a walk, I encounter a problem, most pets will get excited, encounter something, get the boss to take action.
Wang, who later shared the story on social media, said that he was amused and relieved by the incident. “I never expected my wife to mistake me for a burglar, but I can understand how it happened. It was a funny and awkward moment, but it also showed how much our dog means to us. He was the one who saved me from being arrested,” he joked.
The story of Wang and his dog has resonated with many people, who have shared their own experiences of pet ownership and miscommunication. Some have praised the loyalty and cuteness of dogs, while others have criticized the wife for being careless and impulsive. However, most have expressed sympathy and humor for the couple and their furry friend.
“Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and this story proves it,” said one netizen. “I can’t stop laughing and shaking my head at the same time,” said another.
In fact, large dogs when walking often face such problems, some pets will be agitated when encountering something, they must be hugged and held by the owner to not act on their own. power.

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