Newborn Baby Has 3 Arms, Тᴇѕтɪᴄʟᴇѕ Are In Stomach

It is known that the baby was born around the beginning of December in Gujarat, India and was immediately taken to the Ahmedabad Civil hospital for treatment because there are two left arms.

The baby boy was born with an extra left arm.

Here, doctors diagnosed this boy with Polymelia syndrome, a rare disease in the world. This disease causes people to “grow” extra limbs on their body, usually an arm or a foot.
Explaining this phenomenon, experts say that the embryo encounters many rare disorders during development from the mother’s womb. It is possible that at the beginning, the embryo was capable of giving birth to a pair of conjoined twins, but for some reason one of the babies died.
Therefore, the remaining baby has an extra arm, which belongs to his dead “brother”. Not only that, X-ray results at the hospital also showed that this newborn baby had a crooked foot, lost a kidney and his testicles were in his stomach.
The baby with many deformities is being cared for by the doctor.

The Ahmedabad Mirror reported that the CT scan also showed that the baby was born with a crooked foot, missing a kidney and a testicle in the abdomen. Beforeperform surgeryamputation, doctor Joshi of the hospital confirmed this.

Currently, the baby has just undergone a successful surgery to separate the excess left arm from the body. The boy’s father said the hospital’s doctors “ensure that the baby will develop normally like everyone else”.
The baby is being kept in the hospital for further observation and special care by doctors. In the near future, I will definitely have to participate in physical therapy exercises so that my remaining left arm and deformed foot can function.

The best known case of excess limb today is the girl Lakshmi Tatma in India, who was born with eight limbs. These are the limbs of the twin sister that stopped growing and died in the womb that were attached to Lakshmi’s body.

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