Strangely, The Boy Can Dɪᴇ From Eating Sweets

Currently, no hospital has determined exactly what disease Lance is suffering from. This boy living in Quinton, England is suffering from a weak body with various diseases such as a perforated kidney, unable to speak, weak hearing and extremely poor walking ability.

Not only that, but Lance also has to have a special diet because he cannot consume sweeteners. All food must be pureed and passed through a tube for the boy to eat. In particular, children’s foods such as chocolate, lollipops or sugary fruit cakes are not for this boy.

Lance’s parents said that when he was born, he only weighed about 1.8 kg but was in stable health. By the 7th month, they started to notice something was wrong because their son was constantly losing weight. The boy was immediately taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for examination. The doctors there discovered that Lance had a very high amount of calcium in his body, and then gradually many other complications began to appear.

Currently, doctors are still actively researching to conclude officially what Lance’s strange disease is, with the desire to find an effective treatment for him.

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