The 19-year-old Girl With A Strange Disease Is Still 2 Years Younger

The girl with a strange disease in India could not help but surprise and sympathize with many people. Girija Srinivas is 19 years old this year, but she has the form of a 2-year-old child, with a height of less than 80cm, weight 12kg.

The girl has a strange disease with a body like a 2 year old child, even though she is 19 years old

Having a rare congenital bone disease, Girija Srinivas’ body was unable to grow normally but kept the size of age 2 forever. Because her body couldn’t bear the weight of her head, she couldn’t even stand, even Can’t even handle anything heavier than a cup of coffee. Even a quick turn of the neck can cause the girl to break a bone, not only that, but Girija Srinivas also often has difficulty breathing. At the age of 19, her mother still has to take care of Girija Srinivas’ life.
Despite many difficulties, Girija Srinivas still dreams of becoming an artist, hoping to be able to live independently and reduce economic pressure on her parents. Currently, she paints and sells paintings for money, earning about 3 million dong monthly.

The girl with a strange and evil disease is still confident and resilient in life

Having a strange illness makes the family even more difficult when her mother has to take care of her full-time, while her father works as a seamstress.

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