The Baby Was Born With A Deformed Face Despite Regular Ultrasounds

A 14-month-old boy named Kangkang from Hunan province, China is also one of the children born unlucky. She has Moebius syndrome – a rare neurological disorder that is present from birth. People with this symptom are unable to move their faces, such as smiling, grimacing, blinking, and even unable to roll their eyes from side to side. In addition, patients also have bone problems, causing limb deformities, respiratory disorders… About 30% of children with Moebius syndrome have autism.

Although the mother had regular ultrasounds, the doctor could not detect any abnormalities in the fetus

It is worth mentioning that throughout the pregnancy, the mother always went to the antenatal clinic regularly, but the doctors did not detect any problems. As a result, Kangkang was born with a cleft palate, making him seem like a two-faced person, very pitiful.
Because of the monstrous disease, even as a child, Kangkang always had to wear a mask when going out to avoid scaring others. Although Kangkang herself has not yet felt her pain, every time she does, her mother sheds tears. Unexpectedly, the unborn child was born with this terrible disease.

Besides, Kangkang’s family is also extremely difficult. Both her father and mother are workers at a factory in the area. Their monthly salary is only enough to cover the essential needs of daily life, so they cannot provide Kangkang with the best medical conditions.

Sister Xi Yi still persisted in taking care of and raising the boy.

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