Unusual Belief: Man Embraces Hundreds of Geckos Inside His Body as a Blessing

In a bizarre and unsettling revelation, a man in a remote village in Southeast Asia has claimed to have welcomed hundreds of geckos into his body and considers it a blessing.
The man, whose name has not been disclosed for privacy reasons, claims that he began to feel a strange sensation in his stomach several years ago. At first, he thought it was indigestion or some other minor ailment, but as time went on, he began to experience more and more discomfort.
It wasn’t until he visited a local shaman that he learned the truth. According to the shaman, the man had been chosen by the geckos, who were seeking a new host for their spirits. The man was told that he should welcome the geckos into his body and treat them as honored guests, as they were considered to be divine messengers.
At first, the man was hesitant to believe the shaman’s words. However, as the discomfort in his stomach continued to grow, he began to feel a strange sense of peace and acceptance. He began to welcome the geckos into his body, allowing them to crawl inside and make themselves at home.
Over time, the man claims that he has welcomed hundreds of geckos into his body. He says that he can feel them moving around inside him, but that he never experiences any pain or discomfort. Instead, he feels a sense of joy and fulfillment, believing that the geckos are bringing him good luck and fortune.
Some may fiпd this sitυatioп υпfathomable, bυt for the maп, it has become a testameпt to the boυпdless possibilities of hυmaп adaptatioп aпd the remarkable capacity to fiпd beaυty iп the most ᴜпexрeсted places.

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