Unusual Birth: Baby Born with 8 Limbs Resembles an Octopus

The disease that Karam has is very rare, only 1 in 1 million cases. A baby born with eight separate limbs has left doctors and parents stunned. The baby, who resembles an octopus, was born in a hospital in India and has attracted attention from around the world.

Image of Karam at birth with extra limbs.

The baby, who was born with four arms and four legs, is a rare occurrence and is believed to be due to a genetic mutation. The condition is known as “octocephaly” and is extremely rare, with only a handful of cases recorded in medical history.
Baby Karam with her parents and Jaypee Hospital doctors after surgery.

Before the baby was born, doctors diagnosed the baby with excess limbs. This is a rare defect that causes the sufferer to grow an extra limb. It is estimated that 1 in 1 million people has this defect.
Mr. Sarwed just wants his son to be healthy and develop normally like other friends.

Luckily for Karam, her parents Sarwed Ahmed Nadar and Gufran Ali contacted the renowned orthopedic surgeon in the hope of removing the four extra limbs. Dr Gaurav, working at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi, India directly performed the surgery. The first part of the surgery is to remove the baby’s leg from the stomach. Then again, the doctors had to fix the heart problems. Finally, amputate all remaining limbs. In October 2016, the surgery to remove the excess leg took place successfully. Currently, baby Karam has a normal body like other children.

Witnessing the miraculous recovery of his son, Mr. Sarwed was overjoyed. Although the child was born unhealthy, he and his wife never thought about giving up the child. Up to now, he just wants Karam to be healthy and grow up normally like many other children: “He is the only child of my wife and I. I was shocked when I welcomed my baby born with a birth defect but never lost it. expect.”

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