14-year-old Boy Weighs 300kg Because Of His Terrible Appetite

Only 14 years old, but the boy Chu Dieu Hoa already weighs nearly 300kg. The boy’s weight is 10 times that of his peers, and his body weight is 3 times that of a normal adult male. Even a measuring tape measuring 1.5m in length is not enough to measure Dieu Hoa’s waist circumference.

Only 14 years old, but the boy’s weight has reached nearly 300 kg

It is known that at birth, Dieu Hoa had a completely normal body, but at the age of 3, the boy’s weight suddenly increased rapidly out of control. At the age of 6, Dieu Hoa’s weight was up to 54kg and in the following years, the boy gained 20 kg each year.
Right from the time the boy was 3 or 4 years old, his father discovered his son’s terrible appetite and used all kinds of prohibitive measures but to no avail. Because he wanted his son to lose weight, he beat him many times when he asked for snacks. Once, the boy was even beaten with nosebleeds because he surreptitiously ate candy. Dieu Hoa even ran away from home because his father beat him and forbade him to eat.
The menu of 1 cup of milk and 1 egg a day of doctors could not satisfy the boy’s hunger for food.

For 10 years, Dieu Hoa’s father took him to large and small hospitals to find a way to improve his weight. But each time the appetite arose, the boy’s weight returned to the way it was, making all his efforts go up in smoke. At the age of 10, the boy’s body weight dropped to 200 kg, but 6 months later, his body weight returned to nearly 300 kg.
Dieu Hoa is considered the boy with the “biggest” weight in China and has to face many diseases related to this obesity.

Every day, the boy had to have ultrasound tests, but Dieu Hoa screamed and didn’t want to leave the hospital room.

With his massive body, the boy was very difficult to move, the hospital was forced to prepare a separate wheelchair for him.
The boy’s tears of pain when he was forbidden to eat the beef part.

Father Dieu Hoa must try his best to suppress his son.
While eating rice, a grain accidentally fell on her body, Dieu Hoa tried to take it out to eat to save money.

The boy’s food intake was divided according to portions and certain times of the day. But Dieu Hoa does not always accept that rule.
Every time I finish eating, I have to have Dieu Hoa’s father to help me stand up.

After lunch, Dieu Hoa had to sleep because with his overweight body, he might have trouble breathing if he slept on the bed.
Dieu Hoa’s weight loss journey has lasted for more than 10 years, with the constant efforts of her family.

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