9 Most Shocking – Unique – Strange Birth Stories

9-year-old daughter takes care of her mother

Mother Monique Meza in Chicago (USA) gave birth at home 2 weeks earlier than expected and at that time, no one was a doctor or midwife. The only person with this mother is her 9-year-old daughter. The thought that she would be scared to tears but no, the 9-year-old baby when she saw her sister’s umbilical cord cut it herself and did what she remembered in a program she had seen.
21-year-old mother 2 times pregnant with twins

British mother Annie Gladstone has set the record for becoming the youngest woman to have twins twice. The special thing is that both of these times she conceived naturally. This particular rate is very rare, accounting for only 1/7,000,000 cases.
The husband cried, hugged the doctor to deliver his wife’s birth

The sweetest image of the year about childbirth selected in 2014 was this photo taken by photographer Sarah Ledford when a father cried and hugged the doctor who had just successfully delivered his wife. Andrew and his wife once had a child who died, so they cherish the moment their second child Klayton was born by caesarean section.
Mother has an accident and still tries to give birth

On October 15, Jenny Quiles was in a severe coma after a traffic accident and was dragged on the road by a truck. She was 33 weeks pregnant at the time. The thought that she and the baby in her belly would not survive, but 2 weeks later, Jenny suddenly became more awake and gave birth to her first child by caesarean section.
Mother and daughter give birth on the same day

Heather Penticoff, 40, and her 20-year-old daughter Destinee Martin not only found out they were pregnant on the same day, they welcomed their baby on the same day, same month, just hours apart. “Certainly no one can try to do this. My mother and I are really lucky,” said Heather Penticoff about this special coincidence.
Pregnant 3 after 7 miscarriages

Another strange birth story is that the mother with the nickname KodiakBear, who thought she could not have children after 7 miscarriages, was able to become pregnant and especially pregnant with 3. Not only was it possible, she also did not need a cesarean section, but all 3 babies were born by natural birth method.
9 months have 5 children

Sarah and Andy Justice once thought they were infertile after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. However, because the cost of IVF is too high, they chose to carry out surrogacy. The special thing is that the surrogate mother is pregnant with 3 babies. However, this good news is not as shocking as just 8 months later, Sarah conceived twins. And surprisingly, within only 9 months, they had 5 children.
Husband assisted his wife in childbirth

Actor James Van Der Beek had a golden hand when he delivered his wife’s birth without anyone’s help. He and his wife chose to give birth naturally at home. At the time of the wife’s labor, the midwife and relatives were not present. So reluctantly, he took care of his own wife’s birth. Fortunately, the birth took place successfully.

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