Another Boy With A 30cm Long Tail In India

Amar comes from a small village in Nijmapur, northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The boy’s tail comes from a tuft of hair that grows straight from his back and is exactly 30.48 centimeters long.

Villagers where Amar lives see his tail as a sign of religion, indicating that the boy has a close connection with the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Not only that, many people also believe that Amar’s tail makes him have many similarities with cows, animals are considered sacred in Hindu culture in India. Therefore, Amar is very respected by everyone around.

Amar’s father said that when he was born, he already had a tuft of hair on his back and a tail began to grow from there, growing gradually over time. He called his son “a lovely, normal, healthy and well-educated boy”.

He also emphasized that even though Amar’s tail could be easily removed, the family still has no intention of doing so because they see it as a gift from God to the boy.

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