Newborn Baby Who Stopped Breathing For 26 Minutes Suddenly Came To Life

Becky Simpson (20 years old, from Lancashire, England) is being named by the international press as “the luckiest mother in the world” after Isla Simpson – Becky’s newborn daughter stopped breathing for nearly half an hour. suddenly come back to life.

The World’s Luckiest Mom – Becky Simpson

It is known that Becky had a completely normal pregnancy and Isla was born after 39 weeks of pregnancy. However, after she was born, she neither cried nor moved. Doctors noticed that the baby was pale and his organs were dying from lack of oxygen.
“After the baby was born, I suddenly heard the doctors ring the emergency bell repeatedly. Right after that, about 20-30 people suddenly rushed into the delivery room. I felt so scared ,” Becky said.
Isla was given CPR and just when the doctors thought she had to give up, her heart suddenly started beating again. However, no one could explain why her heart didn’t beat when she was born.
Isla Simpson at birth.

The girl’s health condition is stable and can go home after a month of oxygen at the hospital.

Isla was diagnosed with possible brain damage in the future due to lack of oxygen to the brain, but to what extent, doctors are still unclear. The possibility that she will develop cerebral palsy after this incident is also possible. But for Becky’s family, their daughter’s survival was a miracle.
However, in the future Isla may have brain problems due to hypoxia at birth.

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