Twins Born Nearly 2 Months Apart

A 41-year-old woman in Romania was informed by her doctor that she was pregnant with twins. But the strange thing is that she gave birth to her first daughter in November 2014. And the second baby was born seven weeks later.
From the first month to the sixth month, this mother did not experience any abnormalities during pregnancy. But by the seventh month of pregnancy, she was tormented by contractions. She gave birth to her first baby naturally. Doctors expect a second baby to be born soon after. However, her contractions stopped.

The two babies were born 7 weeks apart. The first child was born in November 2014 and the second one was born in January 2015

Finally, the second baby was born in January 2015 by caesarean section at the Cantancuzino hospital in Bucharest.
Dr. Adrian Sorin said: “This is a rare case. It seems to be a miracle of God . “
Two girls have a fairly light weight after birth

Both babies are quite light weight, the first baby weighs almost 2lb (about 900g), and the second baby weighs almost 3lb (nearly 1.2 kg).
Both babies were cared for for a month in the hospital. After returning home, the twins’ weight increased. The first baby weighs more than 4lb (more than 1.8kg) and the second baby weighs more than 6lb (more than 2.7kg).
Two little girls coming home with their parents

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